Before you contact the Unibeez team with a question, read through our selection of FAQ’s first, the answer may be here!

For Students

What is key word search?

Unibeez uses keywords to match your skills with the skills requested by hirers for the jobs they need. The more skills you can add to your profile the better, but you can also search for jobs by key words and skills too, to help narrow down the search for the perfect jobs for you!

What happens if I don’t get the job?

The job you applied for may have been filled or withdrawn by the hirer - if so it will disappear from your profile in the app.

Why has my account not been verified?

There are a few reasons why your account might not have been verified:
  • The picture you uploaded may not be clear enough. Your photo needs to show your face clearly, no hoodies, no headphones, no sunglasses and please don’t hold your passport in front of your face.
  • Your passport details may not be clear, please make sure you hold your passport away from your face and without obscuring the details we need to verify you.

Can graduates and GAP year students get work through the Unibeez platform?

  • Yes, anyone over 18 who has recently graduated from University, is studying at University or is going to University within the next year can sign-up to Unibeez, providing they can verify their right to work.

5 top tips you need to know

  1. Be honest about your skills and experience so you don’t find yourself out of your depth 
  2. Don’t commit to anything you cannot deliver
  3. Ask plenty of questions - make sure you really understand what’s required of you
  4. Prioritise your work and plan your time so you don’t end up missing deadlines
  5. Stay in touch, be contactable, positive and enthusiastic (remember that hirers who like working with you will want to keep working with you)

Can I accept a permanent role from a hirer I met through the Unibeez platform?

  • Yes you can. We want to help as many people into permanent paid work as possible, but please keep us in the picture. 

Do I pay to use the Unibeez platform ?

  • Access to the Unibeez platform is completely free for students 
  • We also take care of your payroll, National Insurance and Tax (based on the information you provide us)

How do I best promote myself on Unibeez?

  • Build the best profile you can because we use AI to match your profile to the job opportunities most suited to your skills.
  • Add your skills, education, experience, talents and interests alongside any examples of previous jobs. So, if you’re a designer, include your designs, a coder, some code, a podcast editor, a podcast and so on. The more detailed your profile, the better we can match you with work you’ll love. 
  • Make sure your profile is written well, spell checked and includes a good picture. Your profile is your opportunity to sell yourself to potential hirers, so include everything that makes you, you.

How do I communicate with hirers?

  • Our algorithms match you to the best jobs for your skill set and experience. 
  • Once you have expressed your interest in the job, the hirer can message you directly to discuss the job requirements and details.
  • Make sure you don’t miss out on jobs by logging onto Unibeez regularly to check your notifications.
  • Once a job has been completed you rate the hirer and they rate you. The more jobs completed, the better the rating and experience you both gain.

How many jobs can I have on Unibeez at any one time?

  • You can take on as many jobs as you’d like on the platform, as long as you can confidently and professionally manage your time, making sure you do the best job you can of everything you commit to. Not forgetting too, to make time for your other commitments, your studies, your social life and of course keeping healthy and active.

How much do students get paid?

  • Students keep every penny they earn on Unibeez (depending on Tax and NI thresholds). The minimum rate you’ll be paid for a job is £11p/h and the minimum number of hours per job is 10. It is entirely up to the hirer to set the maximum rate of pay for each job. 

How will I get paid?

  • Directly into the bank account you have provided to us. 
  • Keep track of your hours each week. You will be paid 14 days after your time sheet has been verified by the hirer and the hirer has endorsed you.

I received an email saying I’ve been booked for a job, what happens now?

  • Great news! You are steps away from earning invaluable work experience. When a job is in booked status, the employer has the opportunity to get you up to speed, give you training or even introduce you to the team you will be working with. Once you are both ready, the employer will activate the job for you. During the booking status, don’t be afraid to start the conversation on messages!

I’ve tried to apply for a role, but it says my account is being verified. What is this and how long does it take?

  • We need to check that you are who you say you are and that you are eligible to work in the United Kingdom.
  • We always try to verify accounts as quickly as possible but it will depend how many people are signing up at any particular time.

What counts as a skill and how many should I add?

  • You’ll be surprised how much you have to offer in terms of your skills.  From hard skills like coding, social media savvy, data crunching, web development, to soft skills like time management, problem solving, emotional intelligence and teamwork, and you can put as many skills down as you like, it all helps us match you with the right jobs. 

What do I do if I have a problem with the job?

  • If you feel the job is not going well or you have a specific issue which you can’t solve with the hirer, you can get in touch with the Unibeez team via team@unibeez.com and we’ll try and help you to resolve it.

What do I need in order to do remote work?

  • All you need to work is a laptop, tablet or smartphone, internet, good communication skills and your motivation.

What is a UBID number and what is it used for?

  • The Unibeez ID or UBID is your unique identification on the platform. We are currently working on cool features that will require the use of the UBID. Stay tuned!

What is the PAYE agency contract?

  • This is a contract between you and Unibeez which outlines what is expected of you as a worker when undertaking a job for a hirer through the Unibeez platform. 
  • A master copy of this agreement can be found in your Account Settings 
  • You will agree to the terms of the contract each time you apply for a job .

What sort of hirers are there on Unibeez?

  • From global multi-nationals, to small and medium enterprises, startups to charities. You’ll find all manner of companies on the Unibeez platform.

Why do you need a copy of my passport, and how can I trust that it’s safe to upload an image of it?

  • All employers in the United Kingdom are required to take a copy of their employee documents to prove the correct right to work checks have been carried out.
  • Copies uploaded are stored safely in line with the current legislation.

Will I need training?

  • That depends on the job! The hirer will decide if the role they have advertised will include training. If so, this is likely to be online and will be flagged when the job is posted.

For Hirers

5 Top Tips for hirers

  1. Create a clear brief, with plenty of background information and set realistic goals/deadlines to be achieved. 
  2. Stay in touch. Keep checking in and answering any questions they may have. 
  3. Track progress. 
  4. Listen and give constructive feedback. 
  5. If you’re impressed with the outcome of the job, add the individual to your team so that other account holders within your company know that you rate that person.

How do I find the right person for my job?

  • Enter as much detail as you can about the project and the skills required to do the job.The Unibeez platform uses algorithms to search keywords, matching the skills and experience required by you to the skills and experience entered by students.

How do I get started?

  • Create and activate your Company Master Account.
  • Add your logo, invoice details, company profile, brand values, what you have to offer as an employer, thought leadership and your ethos as a company. 
  • The stronger your profile the better it will be received by the marketplace.
  • Once you have created your Master Account, you can invite colleagues to set up Sub Accounts.

How do I pay?

  • We handle the payroll for you so it’s super simple. 
  • Our payment Terms are outlined in the Master Terms and Conditions.

Once I’ve created a Job Post what happens next ?

  • You will receive a curated list of top candidates who are interested in your job.
  • Browse through their profiles until you find what you’re looking for.
  • You can contact any applicant interested in your job by sending direct messages through the platform.
  • If you have found an applicant you want to work with, “book” them. The job will then show in your “Bookings”
  • When you are ready to start the booking you click on “Activate job” . The student will receive a message to tell them the job has started.

What happens when the job is completed?

  • You will be asked to verify the number of hours which have been worked
  • Once the hours are verified, you must rate your student and they will rate you. The more jobs completed, the better the rating and experience you both gain.
  • If you worked with someone and endorsed them, they are automatically added to your Company team so you can work with them again.

What if I want to offer a student a permanent job?

  • Go ahead - we want to help our students into permanent work once they graduate.  We do ask that you keep us informed.
  • Please remember, you can only employ someone off-platform if it is a permanent position. You are not allowed to temporarily hire a candidate directly.

What if I’m not happy with the job?

  • If you feel your student hasn’t fulfilled the brief to your satisfaction, you can get in touch with the Unibeez team via team@unibeez.com and we’ll try and help you to resolve the issue. 

About Unibeez

What sort of work does Unibeez offer?

  • The Unibeez platform hosts entry level, remote, paid and flexible work which can be completed from anywhere. Job types range from graphic design to copywriting, coding to data crunching and social media moderation to general administration.
  • Unibeez provides the opportunity for students to find work that pays well and provides valuable work experience, while introducing them to potential future employers too.
  • Our hirers may also have full time positions that they wish to advertise on the platform. You can set your profile in order to see full time opportunities.

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