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Our pay-as-you go plan offers flexible, on-demand access to skills on a one-off or rolling basis. Sign up and hire students straight away.

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Recent jobs

Create multi-format social media content in photoshop
10 hrs p/w
Assisting in software development and IT systems
10 hrs p/w
Tech Dev & Programming
Data mining LinkedIn contacts, building excel spreadsheets for sales use
12 hrs p/w
Data Science & Insight
Data crunching and visualisations, presenting in Excel and Pivot
10 hrs p/w
Data Science & Insight
Undertaking market research, use of CMS and CRM systems and vocational skills
10 hrs p/w
Sales & Marketing
Promoting the Unibeez brand on social media, cross-posting, content sharing and community management
20 hrs p/w
Sales & Marketing
Social media posting, uploading content to html, assisting Marketing Director
20 hrs p/w
Sales & Marketing

Access to an unlimited, scalable talent pool for remote entry+ level tasks

We’ll match you with the most skilled students for your jobs from our diverse pool.

A super fast and cost-efficient way to source the skills you need for your projects

We promote inclusivity in hire and offer you a shortlist to choose from. You take it from there.

No payroll pain

We handle the payroll to make the transaction as easy as possible for you.

How it works

Unibeez is super simple and fast. There’s no formal training necessary – it’s designed to be totally intuitive to use.

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Once registered on the platform, you post your jobs, detailing the skills required.


Our AI matches your requirements to the most suitable available talent.


You choose who you'd like to work with, you get in touch with them, brief them on how you want to work and take it from there.


When the job is complete you endorse the student and they endorse you. Once you're happy - we pay them for you.

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