Build the Perfect Profile

Having a strong, sharable profile, with endorsements from businesses proving your skills, and testimonials from happy clients, will be a major asset in the search for your future career.

01. Add your bio

It’s the dreaded bio. Nobody likes writing them but they are important. Your bio is your opportunity to communicate your personality, skills and goals. Asking friends or family for their perspective can be helpful. Be honest and show the best version of yourself.

02. Add your photo

Add a clear photo of you that you really like. It doesn’t have to be a solemn passport photo but equally shouldn’t be from a night out. Avoid group shots. Your face… in the frame… decent lighting… job done.

03. Add your skills

Skills are important because that’s how we match you with jobs on the platform. So think carefully about all the things employers might be looking for. This can everything from soft skills like problem-solving or time management to writing code or doing higher-order maths. The more we know about what you can do, the more matches you’ll get.

View a list of sought-after skills

04. Add your experience

If you have examples of work, a portfolio, a case study, a good testimonial from a previous employer, upload it all here. If you have links to work elsewhere that you’ve done, share them here. Unibeez also asks for every hirer to rate you after every job, so the more you work, the more endorsements and positive testimonials you’ll get.