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Connect with thousands of skilled students who are ready to work.

We connect you with a diverse, remote workforce of thousands of UK undergraduates and graduates. We give you access to skills today and a talent pipeline tomorrow.

No payroll pain
We handle the payroll to make the transaction as easy as possible for you.
Run your internships
Gain access to as many students as you need across your business teams.
Build talent teams
Support every level of your business with multiple licensees for on-demand hire.
Market your brand to this audience
Whilst supporting your corporate responsibility goals and investing in the future workforce.
Promoting diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity
Support every level of your business with multiple licensees for on-demand hire.
High quality engagement with potential graduate recruits
Invest in early careers and reap the benefits on graduation

How it works

Unibeez is designed to be totally intuitive

Post your jobs, detailing the skills required.
Our AI matches your requirements to the most suitable available talent.
Choose who you'd like to work with, get in touch with a brief and take it from there
When the job is complete you endorse the student and they endorse you. Once you're happy - we pay them for you.

Success Stories

Our experience working with Unibeez and their students has been extremely worthwhile. The diverse range of talent and skills on offer has enabled us to connect with graduates specialising in design, animation and law. As an ever-expanding start-up, Unibeez has been particularly valuable due to the speed and efficiency of the hiring process. We’ve found some great colleagues who can make a meaningful contribution to our work, and our students are given first-hand experience of what it means to work in a fast-paced, start-up.
Engine B
Unibeez is what I imagine it was like to first use electricity, you don’t know how much you needed it until you use it. I spent years trying and failing to work out how to access student talent, now Unibeez has opened up that whole market and solved the entire problem
Scott Berman
Engaging the graduate workforce has always been a bit of a minefield until I came across the Unibeez platform and their purpose to match employment for University students with employers. The platform is intuitive, time effective, and has a great outreach. After posting our role we received 20 applicants, all with clear profiles and accurate summary of skills. This has been a positive experience and one we will replicate across the business
Charlie Sell
MD Arrows Group Global

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