I am currently in my final year at Oxford Brookes University Business and Marketing Management student. Over my three years here I have undertaken modules such as strategic marketing, where I learnt how to understand different markets and provide marketing advice for different clients. As well as this, I have also undertaken management modules, this allowed me to work on my organisational skills and understand key attributes which are necessary when working alongside others, or taking lead in several roles.

I believe I am a very creative, organised and dedicated individual. Through my previous tasks of working in social media, I have had to prove this. I took on start-up businesses social media platforms and created an inviting and intriguing space for them to gain followers, and business. This was through the use of photograph, design and speech. I was able to see images and ideas and turn them into a piece which I knew, after research, that their markets were after. With this, comes strong organisational skills. I was expected to balance this whilst completing my university degree. This included working with hugely demanding deadlines. This taught me how to manage my time and keep on top of tasks.

I have recently started my own jewellery business. This has allowed me to understand different business demands which no teaching can prepare you for. With my marketing knowledge I have been able to grow my social media accounts by 650 followers in just over a month, generating nearly 100 sales.

I hope this gives you an insight to my skill sets and helps show you that I am a dedicated, hard working individual who is keen to work.

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