Are Recruiters More Nervous Than You?

The short answer is…yes.

A recent report by Thomas, providers of recruitment assessment tools, surveyed over 500 HR professionals across a range of UK industries. The headline was that to varying degrees, 57% of all hires aren’t working out.

Why recruiters are feeling uneasy

So, what does this shocking failure rate mean for you? Well, it helps you see the recruitment process from the recruiter’s perspective.

Not only do recruiters put their professional reputation on the line every time they hire someone, they also potentially risk team cohesion, company morale, productivity, and a very unforgiving bottom line.

For instance, when an employer uses a recruitment agency to successfully fill a position, they will pay the agency up to 30% of their candidate’s salary. When the average graduate starting salary is between £21,000 – £25,000, that’s a potential waste of between £6,300 – £7,500.

Try sitting on the other side of the table

The essence of good marketing is the ability to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling fizzy drinks, luxury cars or your own CV, the trick is to take yourself out of the picture and focus on serving your customer instead.

In this case, you are ‘the product’ and the HR executive is the customer. Tailor your approach to solving their problems (an unfilled vacancy), not yours (getting the job).

The things recruiters are telling you

Many marketeers have to guess what their potential customers want. The great thing about a recruiter is that they tell you exactly what they’re looking for in the job description!

Go through it point by point, and work out how your skills and experience can ‘solve’ each mini problem; i.e. the roles and responsibilities of the job. Don’t just claim to be able to do certain things, give solid examples. If possible provide evidence or proof, such as the 20% you saved on the company stationery order by devising a new store-cupboard system.

By treating the application process from the recruiter’s point of view, rather than your own, you can methodically disprove their fears about why you might not be a good fit.

The things recruiters aren’t telling you

The Thomas report flagged up five concerns that recruiters have, that you won’t find mentioned on the job description. The percentage figure tells you how many recruiters were significantly concerned about each issue.

  1. Finding the right candidate in a remote hiring environment (41%)
  2. Differentiating between candidates with similar CVs/experience (39%)
  3. Concerns about bias/lack of diversity (38%)
  4. Assessing candidates for fit with job or culture (38%)
  5. Screening applicants that clearly do not fit requirements (38%)

You could use these findings to help allay potential concerns recruiters might have. For example, with point 5, make it crystal clear how you fit each of the job requirements. With point 3, if you feel you could contribute to diversity, tell them how and why. With point 2, make sure you read our article on how to use your covering letter to differentiate yourself from the competition.

And do take heart from one piece of insider information from the report: over the forthcoming year 38% of recruiters will be increasing recruitment by up to 20%, and 28% will be increasing recruitment by over 20%.

Time to start applying!

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