Our Partnership with War Child UK

Unibeez will be partnering with War Child UK, the specialist charity for children affected by conflict. Unibeez has pledged £1 for every 10 hours worked to the cause. Unibeez students and graduates will also have the opportunity to work with War Child in their fundraising initiatives, gaining valuable experience of the charitable sector.

Unibeez’ approach to matching students and graduates entirely by skill and experience to eliminate bias, promote borderless, diverse hire and equal opportunity, we feel has real synergy with the War Child ethos of every child having the right to education and protection.

War Child have given their support to the platform, offering opportunities for students to become informed and experienced with real-world knowledge of working in the charitable sector.

Helen Pattinson, Director of Fundraising and Communications At War Child UK says:

When I reflect back to six months ago when we were in the middle of launching several new initiatives which required additional, and sometimes unanticipated resource, then this platform would have been a game-changer for us. We can’t always foresee what we will need, especially in today’s world we find our plans and projects have to be fluid and able to adapt – and this is where having access to flexible support can be vital.  Being able to reach out to passionate people with the skill sets we need to help us fill the gaps would help us achieve success. The fact that we are able to offer valuable experience and insight to people trying to build their careers in return, makes it all the better

James Parsons, Chairman of Arrows Group Global and Unibeez Co-Founder, said:

War Child are a fantastic charity I have worked with many times before and support whole-heartedly. Their belief that every child, everywhere, deserves a good education and a safe place to sleep is entirely in line with our values at Unibeez, where we believe every student deserves equal access and opportunity. We are delighted to make our pledge to such a worthy cause.

All donations will be paid directly to War Child UK, charity no. 1071659

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