Bridge the gap between education and employability for your students
How do we help you do that?
Our AI matches your students with a curated, diverse network of employers, looking for early talent across every sector.
Students can shout about their hard skills; identify and develop the soft skills employers desire.
Paid, experiential learning bolsters confidence, helps to improve wellbeing and launches their career.
Students build a digital profile, rich in testimonial, skills and engagement to apply for roles on and off the platform.
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What people say about us
Engaging the graduate workforce has always been a bit of a minefield until I came across the Unibeez platform and their purpose to match employment for University students with employers. The platform is intuitive, time effective, and has a great outreach.
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Managing Director Arrows Group
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Data and insights
We provide a wealth of data and insights into your students success.
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Increased employability
Supported, well balanced, self-motivated students; more likely to stay on course and success through gaining real life experience and feedback in their field of study.
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Careers department support
Your careers department's new best friend. Helps hit employability targets. Matches students with diverse experiential opportunities.
Student profile
Your students are your best ambassadors. Showcase their skills to both employers, and future students, nationwide.
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